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Mr. Chow Buys Pace

We'd mentioned that Terrance Brennan might be the chef taking over the former Pace space. Today, Flo Fab has got the the story of the folks who out-bid Brennan:

Mr. Chow: This high-end Chinese restaurant on East 57th Street will open a branch in the former Pace premises in TriBeCa in the spring, with a kitchen full of chefs from China, said Chris Chun, the company's chief operating officer. Mr. Chow, which has restaurants in Beverly Hills and London, also plans to open in Las Vegas and Miami Beach in early 2007: 121 Hudson Street (North Moore Street).
Certainly, if anyone can make 121 Hudson work, it's the Mr. Chow folks. We just hope they'll be comfortable catering to Drew and the Mats' sloppy seconds.
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