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Shake Shack Breakfast (Early Report)

Yesterday, Danny Midas’ Meyer’s breakfast service began at Shake Shack. Naturally, we had a ranking correspondent on the scene:

Today was the first day the Danny Meyer outpost was open for breakfast, and there seemed to be more workers than customers. Around 9a I counted 10 people in the kitchen but only two people sitting at a table and me at the window. Meanwhile
people were streaming through Madison Square Park. Slow day? I asked
the counter girl. "We've had a few customers," she said.

Menu: egg sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and an "apple fritter" which
is shaped like the fried pies at McDonalds, but made with what seemed
to me to be fresh, crisp apples, light and flaky puff pastry and
covered with cinnamon sugar (too much, very messy). I think I'll stick
the Arab coffee cart guys on the corner of 24th and Madison.

We must caution: Breakfast service at the Shack has been operational for exactly one day and our sources at USHG say that they have not even settled on an "official" menu yet. If anyone can make this work, it's our man DM. We encourage you to wait a week and sample the breakfast action for yourself.

· Shake Shack [official site]