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Cookshop: The Early Word

Cookshop has barely been open 48 hours, but you can't keep the bloggers away. Two reviews from last night of the place where, with the right story to tell, you'll be dining Saturday night at 8...

1) NYCNosh: "Only one part of the meal– the squid– was very good. Everything else was just adequate... The service was competent and (except for the coffee) seemed more like what you might expect of a restaurant that had been open weeks instead of hours. I only wish that the food had possessed the same maturity, the same sense of potential realized. Perhaps with time Cookshop will blossom and will do right by its fine local ingredients, but on this, its debut evening, it is still more awkward than polished."
2) WhatISee: "There were a number of the normal 'first day' issues, 'where are the napkins', but overall, everyone tried their hardest and it was all fine. As I said earlier, this restaurant is on our main route home from downtown, so I can see us stopping by quite often.

Not exactly raves, but it's early yet. Buddha say, patience in all things. Of note: both reviews contain a bunch of nice photos, NYCNosh of the food, and WhatISee of the interior and exterior.
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