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Closed Report

The October Zagat Wire is out and with it comes Tim and Nina's report on what has closed of late:

Bistrot Margot
Dumonet (becomes the The Carlyle Restaurant 10/17)
Le Quinze
Pace (pictured left)
Park Avalon (to be replaced by Barça 18 on 10/18)
Pearson's Texas BBQ
Plate NYC (now a branch of Soho Cantina)
Viva Mar Café

More carnage after the jump.

In addition, we learn that three others are also done, via reader reports:

Chez Michallet (May be in renovation mode?)
Yumcha (pictured right)

*With regard to the claim that Kiev has closed, we had mentioned the very thing weeks ago. But, in a new, shocking twist, we received this report from the front line: "I live on 7th between 2nd and 3rd and noticed a very open Kiev last night. As of late it seems to be open only Thursdays through Sundays. Reduced hours? Yes. Closed? Nope." That would be the plot thickening.